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  1. its not a non-disclosure issue, its just good faith, i owe joel a lot, the only reason i was posting trades was to prove that trading of price and volume works, and one should keep studying what works.
  2. i am not the teacher i am a student of joels so he is the one to ask.
  3. Hi JJ, yes i use Pivots and the lines on the volume are just ther for reference.
  4. could not help my self had to tke these as well
  5. another 2 trades thats me done for day 6 trades 5 winners see all later
  6. Gordon, First thing (A) down trend would need confirmation to go long which you do not get on next bar, it close down , yes, it closes of the lows but if that up bar was buying the next bar should not be down, so it must have had selling within it, then on the third bar it close way below the low of A, this is still in a down trend. and again on (b) its an up bar on high volume but the next bar closes lower than prior low, no way am i looking to go long, i would need to see some confirmation that the down trend was over. path of least resistance was down all day.
  7. Hi Gordon G, remember weakness apppears on up bars not down bars, you have marked all down bars with volume less than previous two not up bars. so simply put,. down trend looking to go short look for weakness in up bars up trend looking to go long look for strength in down bars regards sheptrader
  8. i was away from computer at that time, i did miss a good long trade at 11:06 but i am happy with what i got ( so Far)
  9. well here it is, plus 2 other trades i did this morning all of price and volume. it works and will keep on working sheptrader
  10. Hi all, got in trade on russell, i shall post chart when i get out
  11. agian thanks every one, just saying what i am seeing, it is nice to see fellow traders in here who have been mentored by joel, Hi guys !!! as much as i trade of VSA i owe a lot more to joel in intoducing and teaching me about Richard Ney and his theory of market manipulation, merchandising and how the specialist move markets so that they can buy low and sell high, i find this and weight to VSA.
  12. Thanks jjthetrader, not sure its something i can do all the time as it takes to much time and missing other trades but hope it helps some. but shall keep posting if people are interested
  13. Hi all, here is another trade i just taken. regards sheptrader
  14. Hi everyone, here are 2 trades i took this morning based on VSA. well the way i see it, please correct me if i am wrong regards sheptrader PS first post with chart so hope it loads ok.
  15. Hi all what a great thread, i have spent the hole day reading it, well worthe the excersise, can any one tell me if they have coded the metastock code that pivotprofiler post in #275 in a tradestation code and would he/she be willing to share it. thanks to all how have keplt this thread going.
  16. try this page there is some free reading material there on volume http://www.hawkeyetraders.com/index.html
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