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  1. Don't use ES for trading, use it for holding long term :)


    Don't have to pay tax on distributions and not as easy to get margin calls as a leveraged SPY. Can also get the leverage at the "risk free rate" and not whatever your brokerage happens to charge you.

  2. Hi:


    I have heard that futures trading is a zero sum game but is this true? In the long run (I mean at least 10+ yrs) stock indices have a tendency to go up so if one were to supposedly open long futures positions and roll them over every 3 months (or longer) could you not capture the long term gains in the stock market (minus the dividends)? I was thinking of a basket of diversified e-mini futures to start (S&P500, Russell2000, Emerging Markets, Commodities, etc).


    Taking it one step further might possibly be using a simple trading system like double crossovers on moving averages (i.e. 50 and 200 day) as buy/sell indicators. I've done some prelim back testing on this and it seems to work (yes we all love how backtesting results always turn out great :D )


    I'm not talking about hitting a homerun so it would involve using "only" 3x leverage.







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