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Trading Psychology How do we learn to conquer our fear and greed? Discuss the mental aspects of the game.

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Insights into the Mindset of Super Traders

Speculation would first seem to be one of the easiest things on earth because you might think of making money by hitting bid and ask buttons for trading instruments of your choice. Hitting bid and ask buttons can be learned by everybody, but it remains a mystery that doing this does not bring easy money. It is no longer a secret that majority of traders lose. Pros know that. Newbies know that. Those who do not trade know that. Millions of trading styles and approaches have been used under heaven, but majority of them seem not to be working. Why?

The answer: You alone can determine whether you will become successful or not. Some want to succeed as traders but they get entangled in what can be called self-sabotage. They do exactly what look satisfactory in the short-term, but which cannot help them in the long run. What is then the way out?

You simply need to learn the insights, approaches and thoughts of super traders. And when you adapt and apply them to your trading styles, you would also find it easier to deal with the vagaries of the market triumphantly. That is when good strategies you use can work for you. Good strategies cannot work for you if you approach the market with illogical trading psychology.

Insights into the Mindset of Super Traders: http://www.advfnbooks.com/books/insights/index.html

“Insights into the Mindset of Super Traders” reveals the life stories of selected 20 master traders, how they think, how they view the markets, and how they make their fortunes.

Some of them are:

Lan Turner, who turns simple trading ideas into millions.
Dirk Vandycke, who has made thousands of percentage returns simply by accepting the truth about trading.
Michelle Williams, a female trader who once won a trading championship
Martin Zweig, who was one of the most successful traders of the last century
John Arnold, who became so rich that he retired himself at the age of 38, while many older people were still sweating over pensions
Bruce Kovner, who is one of the least known billionaire traders
Michael Platt, who is an accomplished trading risk manager
Martin Schwartz, who lost money for 9 year before becoming a permanently successful trader
Louise Bacon, and old veteran trader who tells us his intriguing story
Sir John Templeton, who is truthfully the greatest global stock picker of 20th century

Look at giants being pursued by cockroaches! May the spell of ignorance on you be broken. There are many future master/pro/expert traders reading this book who are being discouraged by those who are ignorant of the realities in the market. They are being discouraged by temporary setbacks. The providence has ordained you to attain international acclaim through successful speculation, and end up blessing lives, lifting people out of penury and bringing smiles to the face of the dejected. Here you are, oblivious of your trading potential, caught in a rat race.

Insights into the Mindset of Super Traders: http://www.advfnbooks.com/books/insights/index.html

www.tallinex.com wants you to become a successful trader
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