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Hi All,

I'm working on an algorithmic trading system. I'd like to post the entries from that system here. I'm not going to post a lot of detail but I will post what suggestions the system is making, some history about myself and my personal trades.

I expect that you'll be slightly entertained...a little educated and can point out when I'm being an idiot.

Please do your own research and invest only when YOU feel comfortable with your selection!

For 12/16/2014

Stock Entry Price
CNET $1.15
WRES $1.53
MPO $1.16
TVIX $3.15
ADXS $4.37
VVUS $3.08
FRO $2.87
RTK $1.18

And seeing how this is a journal....here's a story.

I love programming, always have since I was first introduced to it 25 years ago. Something about creating something from nothing. I used to do browser based games. Think text adventures that work in a browser. Loved it and still go back to it from time to time. (You can check out my dying site UntouchableGames.com, be warned it's full of junk)

Databases and data go hand in hand with programming so over the years I got pretty good at databases and data mining.

So at the tender age of 22 or 23 back in 2002, I decided that I'd build the ultimate stock picking machine and make myself millions. At the time I had just got out of a car accident and I had a little under $10K in cash. But I knew all things were possible if I put my "Great Brain" to it.

I went to work, I built a database. I built an engine that churned out some stock picks...but it never quite worked. I now know that the problem was that I was focused on accuracy of the pick AND I had no clue what a properly back tested trading strategy was. But back then I thought I was doing something no one had ever done before and I was WINNING!

I recall one algo I built that had a 80% accuracy. It picked a stock to be held for 10 days only and 80% of the time it would gain 5% or more in those 10 days. I was sooooo excited. Then I paper-traded it for a week and it lost 50% in two days.

Back to the drawing board I went.

I played with this system for about a year before I threw my hands up in disgust and got heavily involved in the money sucking pit of War-Hammer 40K miniature gaming.

This was only the first bump in a 10 year adventure to building stocklicious.com...I'll see if I can fill you guys in on the whole thing later.
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