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The good news project

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Great NEWS!!!


You too can spread awareness. https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/major-ad-firm-outfront-media-censors-free-ahed-tamimi-billboard


There's no need to feel helpless in the face of evil. 7 billion people v approx 6000 scumbags

determined to fcuk the world up. Should be no contest.


OTOH , we are talking about sheep, so don't bet the farm on it.


Your choice.

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Let's be grateful that channel 4 called in 'security specialists' ... rather than the POLICE.


Because if they called the POLICE regarding 'death threats' they would have to produce some evidence.


That would be a fukcn short interview wouldn't it.?


Channel 4- neo liberal progressive left, system serving ass monkeys.


Estimated time until complete collapse of mainstream media just got considerably shorter.


Now the good news- This is how pathetic your enemy is.:doh:

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Great News!!




Comrade Tony Blair has confirmed that the term ' Useful Idiots' was indeed, invented under Marxist rule in Russia and that he is happy to self identify as one.


Blair, the guy who :"never personally" had any meetings with a major Wall St investment bank in order to collect a few million for his role in bringing about an illegal war in Iraq based on a pack of lies is back again (and again and again) to tell us how democracy is bad for Britian (Brexit) and that we should hold another referendum.



I will admit, that in my own stupidity, I actually believed that The Uk was too important a country to be treated with the same contempt as other countries such as Ireland who were forced to vote again.


But no, Tony and his merry band of useful idiots, or, more accurately TRAITORS view us in the same way they view the rest of humanity- useless food eaters.


In a civilised world of course, Tony the traitor and war criminal would be in jail. But there is a desperate shortage of prison places for people like him. But always a warm welcome for those who prefer not to pay their TV license.


According to a recent UK poll, Blair is the most hated person in public life. Most decent humans would just shut up and fukc off.. That's not an option for Tony because he is a system serving ass monkey whose owners still have a few jobs for him- like peace envoy for the Middle East




This man would lie about his own reflection in a mirror.


Blair protested yesterday that he is not worth £100m, “not half of that, a third of that, a quarter of that, a fifth of that, and I could go on.” That gets us down to below £20m. In addition, he pleaded that, “I spend two-thirds of my time on unpaid work,




Not this, not that, not the other,....anything but the plain simple truth. It's like he is a sworn enemy of just being straight.




Tony and the other traitors can talk until they are blue in the face.The left is imploding.


Farage To Blair And Clinton: Sorry, Look At The Figures, Europe Is Moving To The Right - LBC

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Complete fck up. The scum will wait until the operation is really big and then either -

A- Shut it down

B- Buy it and corrupt it.

C-Kill his dog while searching for cannabis.

You cannot do good on a big scale until all the scum have been culled from the population.

They will simply corrupt/destroy it.

You have to do it on an individual basis in a completely non violent way- refuse to co operate. 7 billion individuals

Problem is.. most of them are cowards.


The good news is- to stop this stupidity happening again-   http://govtslaves.info/2018/03/child-arrested-for-sharing-photo-of-toy-gun-on-social-media-that-he-got-for-his-birthday/,    all you have to do is post a picture of a toy gun.

100 posters 100 pictures

Don't wait until it's your birthday. Do it right now

Game over.

If you're worried about the police killing your dog... just paint the gun pink and pose as a self identifying  transgendered muslim neo liberal snowflake while wearing an antifa zero tolerance t shirt. That should keep the protect and serve psychos off your back for a while.


Slavery is a lifestyle choice.

Lots of people these days love their slavery so much that they will get violent with anyone who gets in their way.


The good news is you're an individual with free will.

The bad news is, if you can't see that- you're fukced

Good news-Nobody has ever gone to jail for posting a picture of a toy.

Bad news- jail isn't the worst thing that can happen to you.

Edited by mitsubishi

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Good News!!

Mcain is gonna die soon


Haspel weighed in with a statement Thursday night, saying "I have the utmost respect for Sen. McCain and I appreciate the thoughtfulness with which he has approached this nomination process.”

Separately, a U.S. official said, “These comments are despicable, vile and completely unacceptable.”


He was a murdering neo con pschopathic wanker..

Just calling the scumbag who thought it was funny to change a Beach Boys Song lyric to- 'bomb, bomb.bomb Iran..'

Personally I thought that those comments were- 'despicable, vile and completely unacceptable.”

Can you imagine any politician in your country saying something like that? NO

That's what makes American politicians so not our 'closest allies' because, almost without exception they are too stupid to keep their murdering, psycho, pedo, criminal scum  thoughts to themselves.

Fuck ' I think we should bomb them' Mcain. It's jiust a pity he wont die slowly in agonising pain like he deserves to.

Once the tecnology is in place, freely available to all citizens and on special offer in the sales, I'm gonna re-animate Mcain and murder him on youtube again and again and again and again and again



Edited by mitsubishi
Mcain is a cnut

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John Mcunt is dead

One less filthy disgusting warmongering psycopathic piece of slime breathing the same air as humans. In my reality he is being waterboarded for eternity.


Edited by mitsubishi

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two questions ( but neither of them are good news... sorry ...)

How many children did John McCain kill?

Was John McCain killed by Big Pharma?

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here I am... still celebrating his life

... still "missing the point" of the tweet



A war criminal giving a piece of candy to the wife of another war criminal at the funeral of a war criminal is all it took to get mainstream American brains gushing with dopamine and oxytocin.

Because that’s how compartmentalized Americans are from the reality of what war is and what it means. The explosions, the screams, the charred and shredded human bodies, the chaos and displacement and all the suffering, terrorism, slavery and rape that necessarily always comes with it, the million Iraqis killed under Bush, the unfathomable humanitarian disasters created in Libya and Syria under Obama [not to mention the low absolute number, but the astoundingly high proportion of non participating 'innocents' killed by obama drone strikes], all the devastation created in all the military interventions McCain helped push for, all of that is so peripheral and distant in American consciousness that it can be dismissed with a wave of the hand and a piece of fucking candy.

And it isn’t really their fault. The more woke Americans who’ve grown to resent their brainwashed countrymen hate it when I say this, but it isn’t. It’s not a coincidence that the nation with the most powerful military in the history of civilization and the most billionaires in the history of civilization also happens to have the most sophisticated propaganda system in the history of civilization, and that propaganda system is pointed at them from a very early age to normalize the war machine that is used to protect the empire of the billionaires.



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pulling it around to some on topic 'good news', folks ...

"Hypnosis is all around.  Education uses it, politics uses it, the market uses it - everyone is using it. And if you are not aware then you are a victim. Become aware.  If you become aware, you can use it, not to hypnotize others, but to de-hypnotize yourself..." osho

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Good News!!

The Eu destructiion project is underway.

And here in the UK, the remainers continue to demand a second referendum... which they wont get.

What could be nicer than watching the traitors getting the opposite of what they want?

And their best argument is that we were too dumb to know what we were voting for.

An insult from the people who believe 2+2=5


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Good News!!

Mental case fuckheads can head back to the obscurity  where they came from,

The universe demands that 2+2=4 



'The new law would effectively eradicate the identities of 1.4 million Americans who identify as transgender or somewhere on the gender spectrum, regardless of what steps they had taken to affirm those identities, such as hormone therapy or affirmative surgery'. 

ERADICATE- nice word.. I'm a big fan of eradicate

I'm not a big fan of having to write new laws to deal with the mentally ill.

Those who self identify as mentally ill should be treated accordingly under existing laws.

Edited by mitsubishi

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The disgusting anti human slime on the right is as equally transparent as the disgusting anti human slime on the left.



This is what a real human looks like https://duckduckgo.com/?q=candace+owens&t=h_&ia=videos&iax=videos


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8 hours ago, zdo said:

Mits, how is that GOOD NEWS!! ??


“Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out.”

Robert Graves, I, Claudius



This is not a time to be confused, or weak and unfocused. The enemy is clearly identified. They are slime. They are disgusting . They are not human.

We are not going to submit to them. They are not going to win. The more they double down, the more people can see the lies.

Stage 2- Those on the inside will  begin to refuse to co operate. It is the people who learn the lessons of history, never the leaders.

Our leaders are weak and not fit to lead. That was the mistake; beta males/alpha females (2+2=5)

2+2=4...weakness dies, strength survives, that is the natural order.

The left are going to suffer continued and catastrophic defeats everywhere.

The right will have to become more moderate to counter extreme right/left,






Edited by mitsubishi

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Good News!!

The UK is getting a taste for sayin' no.

Expect more pushback (over everything) from the the country that gave the world...well, almost everything.

The UK says No to the EU/No to 5G/No to fraking/No to vaccines and..

No to fukcing neo liberal progressive mental head traitors.



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Posted (edited)

Hi (You beta male cunts)

Have you noticed how the cycle of neo liberal progressive  mental illness is finally coming to an end?

It's almost safe for you pussies to get back in touch with your masculinaty again.

Don't worry though, me and my kind will keep doing the heavy lifting to rescue the world for you while you hide in your mommys basement.

Thanks for all your help.

Edited by mitsubishi

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