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The good news project

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Education should be free in a civilised society. Free. No debate required




Can't trust a billionaire, but at least it will slow the oppression machine down.. Eu needs to be destroyed. The sooner the better. Destroyed. No debate required.



Climate change is a lie.Only people who trust proven liars believe the hoax. It's a lie. No debate required


Reaching sensible conclusions about all of lifes issues is a basic human neccessity. Basic. No debate required..

Edited by mitsubishi

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David Rockerfeller died in May this year, before this thread started.


You might remember he said this; Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure--one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”


Do we really need to discuss why nobody will miss him? No.


Looking forward to saying 'goodbye' to a few of his friends in the near future.


You're not supposed to speak ill of the dead. I really can't imagine why. It's certainly not a law.


Rot in hell? No debate required.

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Great news!!


People who want the truth are-


Cleverer than liars

More persistant than liars

And have evidence that is far more convincing than a liar


Even better news!!


Every lie we've ever been told about everything will eventually be found out.


Detailed photographic analysis of moon landings reveal startling mathematical impossibilities of image backgrounds


Never be scared to call bullshit on the lies. It doesn't matter how many people despise you because of it. Even your own family Just don;t ever expect any opologies when the truth comes out.

Part of the paradigm of this world is that nobody is ever wrong or is accountable for anything.. Snowflakes are the endgame proof.


The Americans never landed on the moon period

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47 alternative websites that may not be invaded by lying corporate scum.. If you prefer info that isn't edited by people who are bought and paid for by lying, thieving murdering psycopathic scum avoid wickedpedia.












there are only TWO SEXES





And no amount of social engineering will overcome those FACTS

And no amount of misinformation will overcome those FACTS

And no amount of bullying will; overcome those FACTS

And no amount of 'hate speech ' laws will overcome those FACTS

And no amount of members of your own family yelling neo liberal bullshit at you will change those FACTS


And no amount of threats, intimidation or bullying is going to silence those who refuse to accept that black is white.


And no stone is large enough to hide all the cockroaches who are attempting to destroy your humanity..


Stop supporting cockroaches withdraw your attention from the media

withdraw your funding

Withdraw your support

Withdraw your co operation

Do not organise- it helps the enemy

Do something tiny to fight it

Do it regularly

Tell others

Millions of tiny acts of global civil resistance.


Refuse to allow the deletion of information

Refuse to allow the cockroaches to re write history.


Challenge them at every opportunity. Expose them and their lies.

Don't shrug and give up

Dont feel defeated- they are terrified of us.

Do the right thing

Encourage and support others.




Everything you are told is a lie


The truth is exactly the opposite of what you are told- instant wisdom for those that seek it.


The enemy is a gutless coward who co operates with evil peadophile lying thieving murdering psychopathic scum


The enemy is a weak neo liberal little socialist who pretends to care about minorities they've invented but then turns into a hissing spitting puff adder if you disagree with them


Arguing with a liberal is about as worthwhile and useful as smashing yoir head on the table, These people are mentally ill.


I don't know exactly what causes neo liberalism but it can only be cured by ignoring them and doing the opposite of what they want.


It's worth it just to see how upset they get. These people actually believe that they are-


Morally superior- FALSE


Actually they are text book hippocrites.


Intellectually superior- FALSE


These people will deny the evidence of their own eyes when commanded to by the lying thieving murdering psycopathic scum who liberals believe don't even exist.


These people are beyond hope. Don't waste your time. And certainly don't allow them any space in your life. They will only try to make you feel guilty. They will only try to convince you that their twisted logic is truth and that you are the mental case., you are the problem


The more highly educated they are, the more mentally ill they seem to be, and the more they believe they are right and normal people are wriong.


Never confuse education for intellect- it's usually incompatable.


They will only try to blame you and people like us (normal folk) for all the worlds problems and will actually make excuses for scum like Tony Blair, the Bushes and the Clintons.


They are the kind of idiot that wanted the first female president so bad that they would even try to elect that evil mental case.- Even when they could see her blatantly lying clearly mentally deranged and clearly physically un well. ABbsolute text book exercise in liberal behaviour- stupid fucktards.


They will try to convince you that they are the good guys and the scum their glorious leaders financed and supported are the bad guys..




You'll know you're talking to a liberal shithead because they all sound like they are reading from a script. That's because they are; they're completely brainwashed and can't understand why you are not.


Never waste your time trying to convert a liberal back into a human .It's not possible. These people are miserable and have a mental problem. They are losers looking for a solution. They found it- it's called Liberalism.


That would all be fine if they wasn't so hostile and unpleasant 24/7. These people are the walking epitome of illogical self deluding idiocy looking for an argument.


They actually believe you are the problem. You can't help them . It's their choice. Deny them the oxygen of 'debate' that they crave.




Do it in the most unpleasant way you can think of so they've got something real to be miserable about and so there is no chance of either of you changing your mind and self inflicting any more misery on yourself.


Plan every word in advance so it makes it obvious that this not spur of the moment but rather, payback for (in my case) over 50 years of listening to condescending patronising miserable hostile bullshit for no real apparent reason.


And if ever you feel guilty you merely need to remind yourself exactly why it was necessary and that a liberal is a fucktard who is beyond redemption who will only seize the opportunity to explain to you (for the millionth time ) why they are right about every single topic you ever discussed in your whole life and you are wrong. (in their usual patronising condescending hostile way)


Liberals reap what they sow. If you want to pity someone, pity the strivers, don't pity a liberal- it's a self inflicted condition.

Edited by mitsubishi

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If you don't believe the world is run by satanic pedophile pigs then all you have to do is look at the evidence right here in fromt of you.


That's right, hidden in plain site -exacrlty where it is always found.


So the next time you hear your politicians talking about how they want to police the internet, say porn, for instance, remember what you just saw here.


And then ask yourself why it's there


Dont' bother sharing this with a neo liberal. They have difficulty in seeing reality and will only attack youi for bringing it to their attention.







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Norway (a country with a leader that isn't a traitor) Prepares to protect itself against facism


Norwegian Government is Preparing for the Migrant Induced Collapse of Sweden - The Washington Standard


Poor Sweden. they are having their beautiful country destroyed by imported scum because of a bunch of Neo liberal fuckheads.


Looks like they will have to elect some 'extreme right' (people with working brains who aren't traitors) people before it is too late.


Then they can arrest the traitors and throw them in jail..


Looking forward to the complete collapse of the EU well within my lifetime

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Maths Professor Proves All Neo Liberals Are Mentally Challenged.


Professor Claims Math Promotes Whiteness | The Daily Caller


What is it in a human that makes them listen to an ideology so utterly devoid of logic and think, yeah that makes sense to me?


I think she needs to do some more research...in the library... where professor plum can murder her with the candlestick.

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Maths Professor Proves All Neo Liberals Are Mentally Challenged.


Professor Claims Math Promotes Whiteness | The Daily Caller


What is it in a human that makes them listen to an ideology so utterly devoid of logic and think, yeah that makes sense to me?


I think she needs to do some more research...in the library... where professor plum can murder her with the candlestick.


She should have gotten a math degree. Most people in the US are white.

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Maths Professor Proves All Neo Liberals Are Mentally Challenged.


Professor Claims Math Promotes Whiteness | The Daily Caller


What is it in a human that makes them listen to an ideology so utterly devoid of logic and think, yeah that makes sense to me?


I think she needs to do some more research...in the library... where professor plum can murder her with the candlestick.



Math and science do promote whiteness but the best way to promote whiteness is to fuck a white person.

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Math and science do promote whiteness but the best way to promote whiteness is to fuck a white person.






Zdo decided that in these testing times a more direct approach in the deployment of language seemed appropriate going forward.


(now that all the moderators had been converted into tumbleweeds)

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Stupid dickheads who can't tear themselves away from their phone even when crossing the road are getting injured and hopefully killed in reasionably large numbers..


I'm always in favour of removing sheep genes from the gene pool.


Undoubtably, some of them will be pedos on their way to meet a victim. Or maybe on their way to meet the vigilante gang that will be happy to hear the good news and save the police some time.


In fact I am currently writing an avante garde piece of music called ' Dead Pedos' (Can't fck your kids no more) (I'm having trouble finding backing singers who aren't trannys)

The B side is called ' Dead Politicians' (can't be prosecuted) (Gatefold sleeve needed for that one- obviously).


It won't be the first time my talent has been invisible to the producers of Britains Got Talent.


If you're wondering what this CD might sound like, just imagine a small defenceless terrified child being surrounded by adults just before they painfully ass rape them regardless of the screaming and life long damage, while takin photos and sending them to other sickos... over a bastardised version of Land Of Hope And Glory playing backwards subliminal messages, (I'm getting someone who sounds like churchill to do some, and someone who sounds like thatcher to do the others)


Then compare that with how a nice polite hand wringing discussion you get in the mainstream media sounds, which is designed to do absolutely nothing whatsoever. Many of those discussions invite the people I'm talking about into the 'debate' Bear that in mind next time an election comes around..




BAD NEWS they are providing soft padding on lamposts to stop sheep from hurting themselves as a nanny state counter balance to fkn stoopidity.


GOOD NEWS- I will be discreetly sticking a foot out and tripping up the male variety- perfect crime, they can't prove a thing


I can't bring myself to do that to women. So instead I might just yell EXCUSE ME! right in their ear instead.


As for trannys- it's not my fault if I can't tell which sex the mental patient is. Guess I'll just have to improvise there. Maybe I'll just walk around with some form of triggerr on my clothing and they will self identify themselves in a ....binary type way.


If one of these zombies walks out in front of your car -try and make it the closest thing to a NDE as you can before blasting the horn then rolling the window down and giving them a piece of my mind.( If you need material pm me.or just read my post history to get a flavour)


Now you see why they want self driving cars.


Don't worry though, should that happen in our lifetime.


There will always be people like me who are more than willing and able to hack the nanny state outta the onboard government computor in order to carry out a 'terrorist attack' (while being distracted by reading a website on the Gov banned list)


Feel free to share this post with anyone who finds it offensive or grounds for prosecution.


Don't forget to tell them to GFT while you're at it.


:) AAHH.... that's better. Isn't freedom of speech self liberating? Now do you get a fkn clue why they want rid of it?


Actually.... you know what?. no matter how many times I correct the spelling in this post. More and different spelling mistakes pop up.


This can only mean 1 of 3 things. However I'm going to ignore the most obvious one...because that would be boring :doh:


So .. either we keep shifting to a different unverse because of the damn holligen collinder...or whatever it's called, where a different version of me is making different mistakes to me, OR


the moderator ghosts are secretly playin games

I'm going with colider 'cos I don't believe in ghosts...I mean, when was the last time you saw a ....ghost?




Look, I swear to GHOD that I there ar kno more spelling mishakes... thet just keep reappering....fck, is this the way it ends? nobody belieeves me and I'll never be able to piste again?..



Is this the end of the spitfire?


( it's mitsubishi:angry: you bastwards)



iS THE LITTLE englander done for?.


Is Ridleys hideous little zenophobe finally killed off?


Who will the pigeons find to ignore now?


Who can they blame now for the color of sand...all around here?



Will he kamkarzi into a wabbit hole deeper than the Neu oxford dictionary?


Will he be thrown into a vat of conspiracy juice and re emerge as a super hero?


Will the pidgeons even notice?



Who will stop the transgender Agenda NOW!


Stay tuned to this channel.


SPLURG blubber blubber..:confused:.


Yep , that sounds like the conspiracy juice finally got him...



SPLURG blubber blubber.:confused:


Hell of a back log to work through yet....

Edited by mitsubishi
I was checking the dictionary to see if any new insults had been invented...oh well, there's another project on the backburner

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Good News!!


Not every politician is a ----


I've always liked this guy. Just listen to what he says at 12.15 minutes in If all politicians were like this...




Jeez.. there's even a ....german who is human...:confused:



And no...I haven't been reprogrammed and cloned.

Edited by mitsubishi

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Great News!!!



You can make a difference


You don't have to live under the system in silence


You don't have to co operate with it


You don't have to take no for an answer


You don't have to have your humanity driven out of you by sick twisted morons


You can help make the world a better place just by deciding to do it.


The system is powerless to stop it happening


The systen doesn't give a damn about you


Stop waiting for useful idiots to do the right thing and just do it yourself.


Edited by mitsubishi

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The people who run everything. The ones you're scared of. The ones who are getting you to silence yourself for. The ones who want you to believe that there are more than 2 sexes. Tthe ones who believe that they have the right to attempt to brainwash your children...


Those fuckheads


The ones who lie about where your pilots are and then cheer when they win a vote to send them to bomb brown people fot the worlds biggest psycopath country..


Those ones..


Are nothing more than really dumb...really really dumb..


Lying, hypocrite, criminal, murdering, pedophile, psycopathic



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GREAT News!!!


As you know, Google are now run by the SCUM that are trying to enslave you.


Google believes that it has a god (satan) given right to social engineer you into believing black=white on behalf of their pedophile,lying,hypocrite, murdering, psycopathic scum owners..


Every time you use google you help perpetuate this control system. But there's a simple way to delete the scum from your life.


I have used googles own search engine to begin the process of removing the power from scum and returning it to where it belongs- you. The great news is, all you have to do is choose freedom- it's a lifestyle choice for people with a mind of their own.




Google believes that white= black

Normal people don't.



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Mits I’ll see your googs and raise you an alexa



The great news is, all you have to do is choose freedom by not buying her and voluntarily putting spyware into your own home - it's a lifestyle choice for people with a mind of their own.



:haha:now who has my luggage?





OTOH I can see the potential for entertainment..


Btw, why, if the alt media keeps finding it's videos demonetized do they insist on posting them on youtube when there are alternatives?


Why don't they 'choose freedom' ?

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Good News !!


The more they try to to censor the more it won't succeed.


I don't know if the moon is made of swiss cheese and I dont fkn care.


The slimey miserable excuse for humans that run everything aren't going to prevail.



Oh, btw. To all the 1000's of people who post real journalism on youtube.


Leave you tube in great numbers


Go elsewhere. Don't worry, your audience will follow you .


Start now


Don't allow youtube to have power over you.


The only power they have is your consent.


These people are weak and pathetic.

Edited by mitsubishi

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Good News


There's simple solution to changiung the world.- refuse to co operate





'A group of 63 teens have publicly declared they will refuse to be drafted into the Israel army, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Thursday morning.


“We have decided not to take part in the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people,” they wrote in a letter sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and the defense and education ministers. “The ‘temporary’ situation has dragged on for 50 years, and we will not go on lending a hand.”


The high-schoolers criticized the government and the military in the letter. “The army is carrying out the government’s racist policy, which violates basic human rights and executes one law for Israelis and another law for Palestinians on the same territory,” they wrote.


The students also protested “intentional institutional incitement against Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line,” referring to the 1949 armistice line separating Israel from the West Bank, “and we here – draft-age boys and girls from different areas of the country and from different socioeconomic backgrounds – refuse to believe the system of incitement and to participate in the government’s arm of oppression and occupation.”'


Read more: 'We Won't Take Part in Occupation': Dozens of Teens Refuse to Enlist in Israeli Army in Letter to Netanyahu

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    • Date : 14th October 2019. MACRO EVENTS & NEWS OF 14th October 2019.No-deal Brexit risks are looking more real than ever, with reports suggesting that talks will officially break down this week ahead of the upcoming EU summit on 17 and 18 October. Elsewhere, further US data and Fedspeak could provide more clues about the possibility of a Fed rate cut. Tuesday – 15 October 2019 Consumer Price Index (CNY, GMT 01:30) – September’s Chinese CPI is seen unchanged at 0.7% while the PPI figure is expected to decline further to -1.2%. The overall reading for CPI is estimated to post a gain up to 2.9% y/y. ILO & Average Earnings Index 3m/y (GBP, GMT 08:30) – UK Earnings with the bonus-excluded figure are expected to slip to 3.7% y/y in the three months to August, down from 3.8%y/y. UK ILO unemployment is expected steady at 3.8%, which was the lowest rate seen since December 1974. ZEW Economic Sentiment (EUR, GMT 09:00) – Economic Sentiment for October is projected at -27 from the -22.5 seen last month, as the current conditions indicator for Germany turned negative. The overall Eurozone reading though expected to declne further to -33.0 slightly from -22.4. A lower than expected outcome, ties in with the stagnation in market sentiment at the start of the month. Consumer Price Index (NZD, GMT 21:45) – One of the most important figures for FX markets, the y/y CPI for Q3 is expected to come out at 1.4%, compared to 1.7% in the previous quarter. Wednesday – 16 October 2019 Consumer Price Index (GBP, GMT 08:30) – The UK CPI is expected to rebound to a 1.8% y/y rate in September after dipping to 1.7% in August from 2.1% in July. Weakness in sterling from year-go levels should impact some offset to disinflationary forces. Consumer Price Index (EUR, GMT 09:00) – The Euro Area CPI is expected to be confirmed at just 0.9% y/y in the final release for September, although the deceleration in the headline rate over the month was largely due to base effects from energy prices, with core inflation actually moving up to 1.0% y/y from 0.9% y/y in August. Consumer Price Index (CAD, GMT 12:30) – The Canadian CPI index is expected to have increased to 2%y/y compared to 1.9%y/y in August. The core CPI measures remained near 2.0%. Retail Sales (USD, GMT 12:30) – Retail Sales are an important determinant of consumer spending thus making it a leading indicator for overall economic growth. Consensus expectations suggest that we should have increased by 0.2% in September, for both the retail sales headline and the ex-auto figure, following a 0.4% August headline rise with a flat ex-auto figure. Fedspeak: Fed Brainard (USD, GMT 19:00) Thursday – 17 October 2019 European Council Summit on Brexit Employment Data (AUD, GMT 01:30) – While the Unemployment Rate is projected to have flipped at 5.3% in September, Employment change is expected to have eased, increasing by 10K compared to 34.7K last month. Retail Sales ex Fuel (GBP, GMT 08:30) – Retail Sales in the UK are anticipated to increase in September, reaching 3.0% on a y/y basis, and 0.5% on a m/m basis, from the 2.7% and -0.2% respectively Housing Data and Building Permits (USD, GMT 12:30) – Housing starts should drop back to a 1.282 mln pace in September, after a sharp rise to a 1.364 mln clip in August with the help of lower mortgage rates. Permits similarly are expected to slow to 1.370 mln in September, after popping to 1.425 mln in September. Permits have shown a solid growth path into Q3 despite a July starts set-back. Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Survey (USD, GMT 12:30) – The Philly Fed index is seen falling to 7.0 from 12.0 in September, versus a 1-year high of 21.8 in July and a 33-month low of -4.1 in February. The late-September producer sentiment surveys deteriorated significantly after firmness in the early-September reports, and the early-October data will be closely scrutinized to see if this pull-back continued. The “soft data” surveys are at risk of a possible impact from the UAW-GM strike, alongside the ongoing headwind from troubles abroad. Fedspeak: Fed Bowman and Fed Williams (USD, GMT 18:00 and 20:20) Friday – 18 October 2019 European Council Summit on Brexit China Gross Domestic Product (CNY, GMT 02:00)- Chinese GDP is projected to see additional moderation to a 6.1% y/y pace in Q3, from 6.2% in Q2. Industrial Production and Retail Sales (CNY, GMT 02:00) – The September industrial production is forecast at 4.5% y/y from 4.4% previously, while September retail sales likely improved to 7.7% y/y from 7.5%. Fedspeak: Fed Kaplan and Fed Clarida (USD, GMT 15:00 and 15:30) Always trade with strict risk management. Your capital is the single most important aspect of your trading business. Please note that times displayed based on local time zone and are from time of writing this report. Click HERE to access the full HotForex Economic calendar. Want to learn to trade and analyse the markets? Join our webinars and get analysis and trading ideas combined with better understanding on how markets work. Click HERE to register for FREE! Click HERE to READ more Market news. Andria Pichidi Market Analyst HotForex Disclaimer: This material is provided as a general marketing communication for information purposes only and does not constitute an independent investment research. 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    • This should really be very easy, but I can't find an article or video to walk me through it. I picked 20 ticker symbols where the stocks are in a tight trading range. I got them all into one list I call "Channel". I'd like to add several indicators that apply to all, such as MACD, volume, 3 moving averages. Then I'd like to scroll through the list, adding trendlines, or horizontal lines to mark the top & bottom of the price channel for each. Then set an alarm for a breakout in each direction that indicates a breakout. Could you point me to an article or video that walks me through how to do this? ...or give me the steps? Thank you, RichardV2, Experienced stock trader back before the Internet was invented.😁
    • The Economic Proscription of U.S. Farmers by China Maybe Forever   Similar to a black eye on the face, it’s placing an indelible imprint. The retaliatory levies by China over U.S. commodity producers, such as soybeans, which seem to be forever. The moment such happens for the market it becomes irreversible.   It’s a dread numerous farmers from North Dakota to Mississippi have recognized for as far back as last year. They worry that they’ve put millions in soybean development on account of China. Since Chinese focus is now transferred towards Brazil rather, that market might be gone forever.   Once the confidence merchants have in the U.S. declines as a steady provider because of the trade dispute, the more vital its important for them to support and further broaden other avenues.   The developing danger for American agribusiness presently is that a great part of the piece of the overall industry lost throughout the year will be hard or difficult to win back at any point shortly, the Boston Consulting Group said in a detailed analysis discharged on Wednesday.   This is for the most part because of long term contracts that are regularly recorded among purchasers and sellers, contingent upon the item. The lesson from the analysis shows that U.S. farmers need to turn out to be less reliant on China, and simply trust in the best concerning those customers organizing a rebound sooner or later.   For the time being, China is going to Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, and also for its domestic producers as an option in contrast to American developed crops and animal proteins.   From the detailed analysis: “The risk that U.S. agribusinesses may for all time lose foreign market share of the overall industry isn’t only hypothetical. In past trade disputes, for example, one with China including beef, the US has not recaptured its lost share. As a result of the increase of U.S. crops and food materials more costly than other choices, high duties bring down the price to merchants who plan to expand. Also, the fewer confidence merchants have in the US as a steady provider, in perspective on the potential for future trade disputes, the more important it progresses toward becoming for them to support and further expand. After some time, merchants could loosen up complex associations with suppliers from the U.S.”   China Receives Blames for the Pressure And this is so because China is important to American farmers. China purchased $19.5 billion in U.S. agricultural items as of 2017, representing 14% of exports of farm produce, in light of BCS analysis. In July 2018, China slammed a 25% levy on U.S. agricultural items.   Exports at that point declined by an incredible 53% for the year. While exports to China have declined also for this year, over past years free fall.   There is another motivation behind why some China customers may not come back to the U.S. China is extending its very own crop acreage, particularly for soybeans. After some time, China will turn out to be progressively independent. Except if request increases generously, China will purchase its very own soybeans, regulating export development and under control in any case.   “Individuals in the business were in a condition of cheerfulness, believing that a bargain would soon be reached,” says Michael McAdoo, associate, and related executive for BCS in Montreal. “Our analysis demonstrates that regardless of whether there is a bargain, there is worry that a similar volume won’t return. They need to try different markets,” he declared.   Source: https://learn2.trade 
    • Trade Dispute Responsible for China’s Overwhelming Gold Purchase Rate   China has included more than 100 tons of gold to its stores since it continued purchasing in December, fortifying its position as one of the significant authority collectors as national banks load up on the valuable metal.   The People’s Bank of China grabbed progressively gold a month ago, raising reserves to 62.64 million ounces in September from 62.45 million in August, as per information on its site. In tonnage terms, the most recent inflow sums 5.9 tons and comes in as an expansion of about 99.8 tons over the earlier nine months.   Bullion hit the most noteworthy in over six years in September as more slow development, the trade dispute and rate reductions prodded financial specialist request. National banks have been significant purchasers as well, particularly in developing markets. Administrative demands will probably proceed as protectionist strategies and geopolitical concerns add to the request, as forecasted by Suki Cooper, the valuable metals investigator at Standard Chartered Bank.   “With the stressed partnerships with the U.S., China requires support against its enormous possessions of the dollar, and gold serves that capacity,” said Howie Lee, a financial specialist at Singapore-based Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. “As China turns into a superpower in its very own right, I anticipate progressively gold-purchases.”   China’s High Gold Appetite The PBOC’s continuos running of bullion-purchasing has come against the difficult setting of the trade dispute with the U.S. furthermore, a stamped lull in development at home. While high-level discussions are set to continue in Washington this week, Chinese authorities are flagging they’re progressively hesitant to consent to an expansive bargain.   Spot gold spiked to as much as 0.4% to $1,511.31 an ounce on Monday and exchanged at $1,505.84 in early London exchange. While the value declined 3.2% in September, they remain high at 17% this year. The PBOC information was discharged at the end of the week. Alongside China, Russia has additionally been including generous amounts of bullion. In the initial half-year, national banks overall got 374.1 tons, supporting the overall gold request to a three-year high, the World Gold Council declared.   While a tenth straight month of amassing, shows an unfaltering purchasing trend for the PBOC, China has in the past gone for significant stretches without uncovering moves for its gold possessions. At the point the national bank declared a 57% bounce in savings to 53.3 million ounces in mid-2015, that was the first update in quite a while.   Source: https://learn2.trade   
    • GBPJPY Reverses Its Sell-Off Around the Level at 130.75  OCTOBER 9, 2019  Azeez Mustapha  No Comments   GBPJPY Price Analysis – October 9 In the prior session, the pair closed lower for the second day in a row, but currently, the GBPJPY displays a weakness further downside of the pair while retaining its wider medium-term outlook by temporal reversal on the level at 130.75.   Key Levels Resistance Levels: 148.66, 137.80, 135.774 Support Levels: 130.75, 128.68, 126.54   GBPJPY Long term Trend: Bearish In the bigger picture, the GBPJPY consolidation structure is still forming from the technical support zone on the level at 126.54 low.   A further upward move may be recorded towards the level at 146.57 and 148.66 in an extension where its resistance is glaring before completing the structure. However, the overall trend remains bearish while displaying an intact downtrend in the medium and long-term.   GBPJPY Short term Trend: Bearish On the 4-hour time frame, its price is trading narrowly between the moving average 5 and 13 close to the key technical support level at 130.44.   As it is presently, the intraday bias in GBPJPY remains on the downside at this point where a corrective rebound from the level at 126.54 low should have completed. Meanwhile, its 4-hour RSI is bearish and pointing lower suggesting further weakness.   Source: https://learn2.trade 
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