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Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (November 27 – December 1, 2017)

Here’s the market outlook for the week:

Dominant bias: Bullish
This pair went upwards last week, after moving sideways on Monday and Tuesday. Price gained 210 pips, closing above the support line at 1.1900 and targeting the resistance line at 1.1950. Then another resistance level at 2.0000 (a psychological line) would be reached and possibly broken to the upside in December, as price goes further upwards. The outlook on EUR pairs is bullish for December

Dominant bias: Bearish
The market has come down by 220 pips in November 2017 – going downwards by 100 pips this week alone. There is a huge Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market, which means price could continue going southwards, reaching the support levels at 0.9750, 0.9700 and 0.9650. These targets ought to be reached within the next several trading days, for there cannot be a meaningful rally in the market as long as EURUSD is strong.

Dominant bias: Bullish
There is a bullish signal on GBPUSD, which has come about as a result of desperate effort by bulls, to price upward against bearish forces in the market. There is a possibility that price could reach the distribution territories at 1.3350, 1.3400 and 1.3450 this week (and in December). However, price would eventually fall seriously in December because the outlook on GBP pairs is strongly bearish for that month. Long trades may not make much sense on GBP pairs in December.
Dominant bias: Bearish
This trading instrument has lost about 300 pips in November, after testing the supply level at 114.50 on November 6. The market may continue going downwards, reaching the demand levels at 111.00, 110.50 and 110.00 (providing that the selling pressure is great in the market). However, things would eventually turn bullish this week, for the outlook on JPY pairs is bullish for the week. There would be a bullish reversal that would end up generating a “buy” signal.

Dominant bias: Bullish
This cross is bullish in the short-term and neutral in the long-term. The cross went sideways on November 20 – 23. Since bullish movements are anticipated on JPY pairs this week, it is interesting that EURJPY has already started the journey. Price managed to close above the demand zone at 133.00 on Friday, and would gain another 200 pips before the end of the week. Once the supply level at 134.00 is breached to the upside, the bias on the market would also become bullish in the long-term.

Dominant bias: Neutral
GBPJPY is not an attractive market at the present. It has been consolidating for the past several weeks, and the consolidation would continue until there is a sustained breakout in the market. The most likely direction this week (and probably in December), would be northwards. The bias on the market would turn bullish once price goes above the supply zone at 150.00, which would not be an easy goal to achieve, since GBP would sometimes become weak in itself.

This forecast is concluded with the quote below:

“Think of patience as a primary part of your trading strategy. Don't assign it a secondary or lesser role, elevate it on the list of what you consider important. And don't be put off by it when it doesn't seem to be working — it's working.” – Andy Jordan

Source: www.tallinex.com
Articles posted by: Tallinex.com
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