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  1. So far i have bad experience with indicator. But still i am trying to get good indicator which really help me. I am also new here. i just join here so that i can improve myself though i at this time i am trying to lean Price Action trading. :missy:
  2. Hello friends, I get signal for gold and going to share you with. OLD Forex Signal for Thu, 27 Nov 2014 Open BUY/LONG GOLD at 1201.81 Set Take Profit at 1205.88 / 1211.98 / 1218.09 Set Stop Loss at 1193.67 Open SELL/SHORT GOLD at 1193.67 Set Take Profit at 1189.60 / 1183.50 / 1177.39 Set Stop Loss at 1201.81 :missy:
  3. If you want to learn about trading with price action and good money management then have a look at The Forex Guy - Learn Forex Price Action Trading Strategies - i follow this from last few month and it`s really good
  4. I am trading from last 2 years. I am not too senior here. But i would like to share with you friends about my trading system. When i start use some indicator but unfortunately i don`t get big benefits from that. then i come to know about Price Action System and join The Forex Guy - Learn Forex Price Action Trading Strategies learn from there and at this time make profit. though it`s not much but day by day it`s increase. If any traders want to learn about trading with price action and good money management then have a look at PRICE ACTION TRADING WITH THE FOREX GUY
  5. Hello newmillionaire, You are a good researcher. But if you don`t know all strategy then here also have chance to face loss. So only that`s not big reason. If you are not a good trader then it`s not a big deal
  6. Yes, i also think so. we should invest on something that we can afford to lose. Here no guaranty...
  7. Hello dasziel, Can yo plz brief more about ``Social trading reputation and trading Challenge`` still i have little confusion about that.
  8. Perfectly explained :thumbs up: It just bets against which currency you are trading. For this you need margin. Not Euro for trading euro.
  9. Hello fxpartyguy, I don`t think so. if i have good experience and knowledge also i can trade well then its can`t suck. About loss, yes i think every trader face that.but from that we get chance to recover our mistake. Though right now i am PT trader but i am thinking to be FT trader. :missy:
  10. For me major 3 Fear is *Fear of Loss * Fear of missing good trades *Fear of being wrong But i know ``Successful forex trading is about overcoming the major fears, gain confidence in my trading method and even more confidence in myself” ==> When i trade, i try to leave the emotions at the door.``
  11. 17 Nov 2014 Today my trading strategy on NZDUSD Set Take Profit at 0.8022 / 0.8061 / 0.8100
  12. Please post specific examples. so it`s become more clear to us
  13. Hello Friends, Mon, 17 Nov 2014 GOLD Forex Signal Open BUY/LONG GOLD at 1194.91 Set Take Profit at 1201.72 / 1211.93 / 1222.15 Set Stop Loss at 1181.29 Open SELL/SHORT GOLD at 1181.29 Set Take Profit at 1174.48 / 1164.26 / 1154.05 Set Stop Loss at 1194.91 Trend Summary : BULLISH
  14. Hello, GOLD Forex Signal for Fri, 14 Nov 2014 Open BUY/LONG GOLD at 1166.45 Set Take Profit at 1171.47 / 1179.00 / 1186.53 Set Stop Loss at 1156.41 Open SELL/SHORT GOLD at 1156.41 Set Take Profit at 1151.39 / 1143.86 / 1136.33 Set Stop Loss at 1166.45
  15. USDJPY Open BUY/LONG USDJPY at 116.08
  16. Hello Friends, AUDUSD Forex Signal for Fri, 14 Nov 2014 Open BUY/LONG AUDUSD at 0.8718 Set Take Profit at 0.8742 / 0.8778 / 0.8814 Set Stop Loss at 0.8670 Open SELL/SHORT AUDUSD at 0.8670 Set Take Profit at 0.8646 / 0.8610 / 0.8574 Set Stop Loss at 0.8718
  17. Top Ten Tips which i follow to be Successful *Choose Your Trading Style Carefully *Match Your Trading Style To Your Lifestyle *Select A Broker That Matches Your Trading Style *Use A Low-Risk High-Reward Trading Method *Make Sure Your Trading Method Works in All Markets *Trade The Best Stocks *Know When To Sell Your Stocks *Check Your Winning Edge *Invest in a good online stock trading education * Associate With Successful Online Stock Traders
  18. Hello sergso, I just read that article. Thanks for this article :thumbs up:
  19. Hello Blaiserboy, I got this update on gold : GOLD Forex Signal for Wed, 12 Nov 2014 Open BUY/LONG GOLD at 1168.29 Set Take Profit at 1174.25 / 1183.19 / 1192.13 Set Stop Loss at 1156.37 Open SELL/SHORT GOLD at 1156.37 Set Take Profit at 1150.41 / 1141.47 / 1132.53 Set Stop Loss at 1168.29
  20. Yes, thats why i reply here. LoL By the way, how was today? today i make little profit But at the beginning i thought i make more :crap:
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