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  1. My win rate is 71.4% my PL is a disaster; it takes me an average of 12 wins to pay for one loss. It looks like I like to win more than I like money; I don’t see a remedy insight
  2. A cause worth dying for.... Nigerian man raped to death by six wives A Nigerian man was killed by his six wives after they forced him to have sexual intercourse with them all, the Daily Post has reported. The man, Uroko Onoja, reportedly married six women after he became rich. Five of the wives came at Onoja with knives and sticks in jealousy after seeing him entering his youngest wife's room to demand that he have sex with all of them, according to reports. Onoja reportedly stopped breathing when he was going to bed with the fifth wife after having had sex with four of his other wives. The five ran away after they saw that he had died, according to the youngest wife.
  3. It is getting closer and closer to my prediction JPMorgan disclosed possible misconduct to feds ahead of earnings 6:08pm EDT NEW YORK - In a matter of days, the two-month-old criminal investigation into a $5.8 billion trading loss at JPMorgan Chase & Co. -- known as the "London Whale" blunder -- was transformed from dormant to potentially explosive.
  4. You cannot trade on margin if a stock is valued under $5. I’m not sure if it is a brokerage regulatory or government I cannot advice you which broker to get but I strongly advice you against using AMP
  5. Bob (never mind Obsidian) hereis a sign from the US of A
  6. I just wonder, when they get divorced who get the children? .
  7. It will be a good idea and convenient for all forum members if the moderator will merge this thread with the other one running right now on the same subject what do you think?
  8. #1One who always fail #2 one who can do nothing right #3one who is half blind (can’t see the chart) #4 one who is deaf (can’t hear the news) #5 one who never worked for his money #6 one with an IQ -35 I’m sure he must have other qualification which I will post later
  9. Well, I hate to tell you but I told you so…stage one complete now we are looking who will be in jail
  10. Bob you’re wrong Tomatoes are not fruit nor vegetable tomatoes are……Christian! Can you find the hidden Cross in the tomato? I wonder where the Jews are hiding…Lol
  11. Quote; ZDO I nominate that for Post of the Year. MMS give that boy an Award A “Boy”? I’m older than your grandpa I have an experience with this subject because I went through five wives each account I blew up I had to get a new wife...Lol
  12. I would like to raise another aspect of the “stop loss” order and share with you a few suggestions I use Trade Station as my main trading platform the default on “ stop market” orders are 5 ticks range (I.e. if the stop loss was triggered 1345 the actual stop might occur within 5 tick of that price) of course one can change it from zero ticks to 100 I wanted to change it to zero or one but I was strongly advised by Trade Station support team not to do so, as a result any time my “market” orders are triggered I have a big slippage against me, only one time in the last three years this range ended in my favor. I would like to hear from other members what their stop loss range on their trading platform is and second question do you use the default on your platform or you set your own range. What this range is
  13. The only way one can be a trader and have a family life is being a profitable trader … don’t even try to dream you can be a loser and have a family life…. Never happened before… it is not going to happened in the future
  14. copy and paste this link to your brouser [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6VCnYkNYLo]100 Greatest Internet Videos In 3 Minutes - YouTube[/ame]
  15. No matter what is the commissions of other brokers DON’T use AMP they are outright thieves at the end you’re going to lose having a broker like them
  16. (true story happend today) Oregon man reportedly contracts the plague after trying to rescue mouse from cat
  17. Copy and print this photo place it on top of your computer screen… all you have to do from now on follow this kid footsteps , follow the sharks (follow the trend) and you set for life…
  18. In memory of Trololo who died today.( Copy and paste the link to listen to his song ) [ame=www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z4m4lnjxkY]Trololo Sing Along! - YouTube[/ame]
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