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Suri Duddella Suri Duddella

Suri Duddella is a private trader who has been trading in the futures, equities and forex markets full time for the past 13 years using his proprietary trading models and methods. He founded a financial research and analysis company from 1998 to 2005 specializing in financial modeling, research/analysis and technology architecture for financial institutions, investment research, and investment media companies. His company was hailed as "Best of the Web" by Forbes magazine and featured in Barrons' as an "Excellent Technical Analysis Site" in 2002. In addition, Duddella who has published the findings of his work widely, has also appeared various TV and radio shows and presented his research at various investment conferences in the US. Duddella is also a member of the "American Association of Professional Technical Analysts."

Suri's first book, "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros", was published in 2007. Suri's research website is at http://www.surinotes.com, where he publishes his daily market/pattern trading setups, research ideas and trading videos. Suri uses Tradestation platform to build his technical/pattern indicators and models/systems. Suri can be contacted at: suriNotes [at] gmail.com.

Shaun Downey Shaun Downey

Tipping the scales back towards the older people, Shaun has had a very illustrious career as a trader and for many years, as a leading Technical Analyst, with a large and loyal following within the professional trader community.

Shaun began his trading career at the age of 16 in 1979 with Rudolf Wolff commodity brokers, in his time there trading and broking soft commodities, Oil, LME and market making FX spot and forwards. After seven years, he went to work for Fulton Prebon to trade Bond futures, before working in Australia as head of trading for AFP, specializing in stock option/convertible note arbitrage, whilst advising and trading the groups global interest rate and currency exposure.

He then joined Reuters to be part of the design and launch team of the Globex platform. He has spent the last 15 years as a technical analyst at CQG teaching, consulting, and promoting technical analysis and system creation around the world.

His most recent venture has been the release of his book, "Trading Time" New Methods in Technical Analysis,(www.trading-time.com) which highlights some of the studies he has created over the years that are specifically designed to concentrate on the often ignored area of all aspects of timing trades and managing risk and expectation whatever your investment horizons.

He is an integral part of Trader Ways and our leading technical analysis proponent and will be contributing actively to the advice offered to traders. A full Technical Analysis Program is planned. He will shortly also be a key part of www.i-traders.com which will provide commentaries and sophisticated scanning engines on all asset classes.

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